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One subscription to INCREASE your agency's solutions, integrations, tools,

workflows, widgets, snapshots, dashboards, revenue and more....!

All with apps!

Explore The Unlimited Apps Subscription

There are lots of apps on the marketplace, but there's only one LevelUp Marketplace!

Check out the apps we provide and how they can take your GoHigh Level journey to the next level.

Unlimited Apps for your Agency

Our unlimited app subscription is made for agencies who want to maximize profits from their GHL subaccounts.

Unlimited apps are ONLY available from LevelUp Marketplace

Double your Rebillings!

Install any app to your sub-accounts to start premium action rebilling.

No more Zapier costs involved! Pass the billing on to your client at better rate and maximize your profits.

Unlimited Support

Access our support portal with any app.

We onboard every agency, and handle every support ticket, to make sure you're set on the path to app success.

Snapshots 2.0 - No more Zapier flows

Throw those zapier flows in the trash. The GoHigh Level App Marketplace has turned your workflow builder in to zapier!

Start building your Apps into workflows for your clients and feel the benefits.

Stop Churn

Use the power of apps to become a complete solution for your clients.

Give them everything they need in one place, and stop them going anywhere else.

Increase Conversions

Utilize the benefits apps provide to increase your onboarding.

Create higher incentives to sign up new clients and retain old ones.

USP Agency

Capture your clients attention with the details.

Some apps have unique capabilities. The more you can offer your clients, the more you can maximize your profits.

Join 100's of GHL Agency owners

We hear your App Requests and make them a reality.

Official GHL Developer Partner

We are honoured to be one of the first three Official GoHigh Level Developer partners.

Our high involvement with the app marketplace, and commitment to developing the best apps from day 1, saw us recognised by GHL as an official global developer partner.

We have frequent communications with the GHL dev team giving us a platform to bring your requests to their attention. Not only that, but early access to upcoming features means our apps will always work with any new GHL product.

Connect 120+ Applications. Auto Sync Data across Apps.

Avoid Manual Processes. Save Time & Money.

Level Up Marketplace supports all the popular apps for CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, Helpdesk,

Payments, Web forms, Collaboration and much more...

Quick Word from our CEO


Rupert Samuel

I guarantee you have NOT seen anything like the Level Up Marketplace and the amount of apps we have for you!

I promise you more success and more billables with your sub-accounts.

Apps are the future of GHL and you are not someone i bet who stays in the past! GHL is the future must be a future thinking.

Are you going to get ahead of the game with adding apps to your accounts early or are you going to be one of those eventual users in 2025-2026?

Use the power of apps to make your agency a complete solution

Upgrade your agency to a higher standard with the unlimited app subscription

LevelUp Your AgencyUnlimited apps
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How unlimited is unlimited?

You can use any of the apps we have, you can use them as much as you like, you can ask for as many apps as you like and even upgrades. You can send as much traffic as you like with any of the apps. You have unlimited everything. We really do mean unlimited!

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy?

Of course you can (although we can't imagine you will want one). We offer a 30 day refund policy and you can cancel your subscription at any time from our portal.

Do you offer support?

Yes we offer support to agencies and their clients to help everyone use and get the most out of apps. Your account will come with access to a support portal that includes live chat and appointment support! We also have 100s of videos to help your clients to use each app.

We hear your App Requests and make them a reality.

Join us on our app journey

Level Up Marketplace is the largest app supplier on GHL. Trust us to help you maximise revenue and add value to increase client retention and acquisition. Apps are the future of GHL - are you ready to get involved?

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